You can be the best at what you’re doing without being in the spotlight

Some time ago I got my wife an I Phone, in doing so she had to get a new phone number. After a few days of getting this new number something weird started to happen, she started getting calls and text from all over the sports world. The guy that had the phone number before her was named Bill and he did something in sports. Whenever any major sporting event would happen my wife’s phone would blow up. “Bill, can you give us a quote on this?”, “Bill can you give us your take on that?” Whoever this guy was, he was good at what he does. We of course were curious; a few times I was even tempted to answer the texts with my own opinion (that would have been dumb).

 One time Bill’s lawyer called and talked to my wife and she found out his last name. We thought it would be some famous sportscaster that everyone knew, it wasn’t.

He was just some guy that was good at what he does and he did it all behind the scenes. I’ve been thinking about Bill for a while now and especially when something in sports happens.

 I think we all can learn a lesson from Bill and how he does what he does:

  • Do what you’re passionate about

Even if you’re not going to make a lot of money or any money at all it shouldn’t matter. If it’s your passion you do it because of how you feel about it, not from what you get from it. Just like Bill, you’ll be the best at what you do because of your passion for it. Your passion will push you passed everyone else and you can do it all behind the scenes like Bill.

  • Don’t seek the fame or spotlight

If you’re doing something only because you want to get noticed, it might work for a little while but not for long. If you do what you’re doing behind the scenes and have the right motivation then everything else will naturally follow.

  • Do what you’re doing even when it seems that no one cares

It might seem like no one is listening or even cares about what you’re doing but push through anyways. remember you’re doing what you do because you love it, no any other reasons.

  • Make sure what you’re doing will better you and others

I guess I could have put this point sooner but I just took it for granted. If what you’re doing is not positive and is not to help others then you can forget about it succeeding. We have enough negative in the world, people are looking for positive things!I learned a valuable lesson from Bill about being good at what I’m trying to do here and I hope some day one of you is writing a blog post about me.