Reasons Why Having Fun at Work is Important

Reasons Why Having Fun at Work is Important

Regardless of the industry you are in, embracing some fun when working has numerous benefits. William Fry, a psychiatrist, has it that having fun lowers the cortisol hormones, which result in the reduction of stress to an individual. However demanding your position is, staying on your desk with a gloomy face will not help you finish the task. Amidst all the hustles, having fun at work has proven to have numerous benefits. In this article, we discuss some of the reason why having fun at work is important. 

1. It is a booster for creativity. 

Fun at work keeps your employees happy, enthusiastic, and energetic. They are ready to learn at any point. Just as children will learn more when playing, so do adults. Adults seem to thrive and put their skills at work in a more relaxed environment. Brainstorm on problem-solving questions during tea breaks and have the team air their responses. You will be mesmerized by the wisdom and innovation hid in your employees. 

2. Happy employees will be your firm’s ambassador. 

Creating an exciting experience for the employees means that they don’t feel compelled to complete their assignments. They do it out of their own liking. There is no doubt that while sharing stories and work experiences with their friends, they will not hesitate to mention how great their workplace is. Your employees thereby become the company’s brand advocates. Give them ample time, and they repay you by helping you shape your firm’s image to the public. 

3. There is more productivity in the company. 

Happy and motivated employees’ equal high production. Take a case study, a country with a dictator for a president, and another who believes in democracy. A dictatorial type of governance makes people work under fear and only complete their tasks simply because they are expected to. Democratic workplaces have proved to bring the best out of the employee. 

Having fun does not necessarily mean to play games and send trivia questions to colleagues. Being flexible and giving employees freedom can motivate them to ensure your company stays ahead in the industry. 

4. Increased cohesion. 

In a workplace, a little fun ensures brings employees together. In case a person is facing some problem in their area, they feel free to ask for help from their colleagues with a better experience in that area. This has an overall benefit to the organization’s production, compared to when individuals have a competitive mindset among themselves. An organization that employees have friends among themselves has a higher chance of performing better than those that limit employee engagement. 

5. It limits the tension between employees and others at senior levels. 

Having fun games that employees and their seniors come together to play during breaks and off work build a dense social network. The sense of trust and collaboration comes in naturally amongst employees and their heads. This kind of environment translates to a free flow of communication and transparency in the firm. 

Even in our low moments at work seek an exciting activity to do. Make it your initiative to make your workplace bubbly today and let your team and organization as a whole reap the benefits.