It’s been easier and harder than I thought on this path to work that I love!

Have you ever thought something was going to turn out a certain way and it kinda was in between what you thought? That’s where I find myself right now. I thought long and hard, I even prayed for the answer, and I got it. I discovered that the thing I love to do and the thing that I’m passionate about is writing, more specifically, writing about our work. So with that in mind I did the most naturally thing I could think of with writing, I wrote a book.

Book sales have gone well, at least that’s what you would say. For me though, I want to wake up and see that I’ve sold 10,000 (I know it sounds greedy) copies. I have seen that it’s going to be a little bit of a grind and I better learn some patience. You might be wondering so I’ll tell you what you’ve been thinking, I have sold (up to the time of me writing this) 3,044 books, not bad I know. Like I said, it’s gone a little slower than I’ve wanted just because I want to move on to writing full-time. I’m grateful (especially lately) to have a pretty good business. Don’t get me wrong there are things that I don’t like about it but I guess that’s everywhere. I do know that what I’m doing now is not what I’m “called” to do, so I want to move to my true calling.

Let me stop rambling, the point I’m trying to make is that it might take longer then you think. However, you have to start and set up a step by step plan to move onto the work that’s right for you. You have to make the first move, take the first step. You want to start off by doing research but at some point you need some action. Once you do take the first step it will be an awesome feeling but watch out. A lot of people get to that point and think they’ve done enough, but you have to press on.

Once you have completed what you were setting up, once you get hired at the company of your dreams, once you start making a profit from that business you started, there will be no better feeling! You may not be an overnight success but you’re on the path to fulfilling your dreams! Here are a few tips once you get to this point:

  • Be patient– You have to remember that this is not a track meet, it’s more like a marathon
  • Have perseverance– No matter how bad things look or what comes up, don’t give up, push through it
  • Work on it everyday a friend told me this one, but you have to work on it everyday even if it’s for 10 minutes
  • Enjoy it– you’ve made it to a level that most people don’t achieve, enjoy the success of your progress!

I hope you aren’t using any excuses to not follow after your passion, we need you to do what you do. Once you get there and have started making a profit, trust me, there will be no better feeling.

 How are your dreams progressing? Let us know in the comments: