Everyone at one point or another feels like they have the worst job in the world!

Is this how you feel about your job right now?

For the longest time I hated my job with a passion, I thought I’d rather work at any other job in the world. Sometimes you just get in a rut and it seems like everything that could go wrong at your job, does go wrong. The bad thing about it is that it keeps piling up week after week, all of the anger from these situations builds up and you get to the point where you just feel like there’s no other option then to leave. This is exactly what happened to me and how I felt about 3 months ago, I can’t say that at this point I love my job, but I can definitely tolerate it. If you are in the stage where you’re thinking about quitting your job, my goal is to help you separate the difference between burnout and a legitimate time to leave. Now this is just my take on things, I don’t have to live your life, so if you’re really passionate about quitting, then this little blog post won’t stop you. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. How well does your job pay? In my book I talk about how money is not everything because it’s not. However, if you have a job that pays extremely well, you should think about staying to use that good income to either fund your exit strategy or to get yourself in a financial situation that sets you up to comfortable move on to a job that you love. You don’t want your dream to turn into a nightmare because you can’t even pay for groceries!
  2. Are there things at your job that you need? Maybe you have a family of six and they depend on you having this job because of your health insurance. Are you close to having a vested pension plan? I don’t know what perks you have at your job but look at them and see how your life, and you families life would be affected without these benefits.
  3. How’s your work schedule and how does it fit in with the rest of your life? The job itself might suck right now and just make you furious every time you think about it, but do you have a nice schedule? Do you work great hours? Like I said, I hated my job, the thing is though that I work three days a week and still get paid full-time. I wanted to leave so badly, but where could I go that paid as good as this for this schedule? Now I’m not planning on staying here forever but I do plan on using this schedule to help me on my way out.
  4. Are you providing a valuable service? You may hate your job with a passion but you may do a job that blesses and encourages others. Are you a garbage man or mailman? You may not like doing these jobs but there jobs that are needed and people are thankful for everyday.

These are just a few reasons why you might consider staying. Again, I’m not telling you to stay if the  job is not right for you, but why not use what you got until you can be gone! So if you think you might be over stressed and maybe you should stick it out a little longer, what should you do?

  • Every time you get frustrated, take a break and take a deep breath and relax! You would be surprised how well this works when you’re frustrated, I know you’ve heard before, but trust me, just try it. Walk away, take a breath, and come back when you have a clearer head.
  • Talk to someone who will talk a little sense into you. Other eyes may see the situation a little better than you. They may be able to “talk you off the ledge”, so you can continue on with your day.
  • Look at how other people have it worse than you. Every time I want to cry about what I think are “problems” that I have I’m confronted with someone who has it far worse. There are others out here right now that are going through an everyday nightmare, they are going through situations that make mine look like a dream. I have to be grateful for the job I’m at and I hope you are too.

I don’t know your specific situation and I don’t have to walk in your shoes, so if you got to go, that’s on you. However, if you can use your situation to set you up for a better work situation, then by all means do it. In the end everyone has to figure it out for themselves, so how does this apply to you?

Are you in a situation where you need to leave or can you stick it out? Let us know in the comments below: